3 Best Ways to Open a Watch Case

3 Best Ways to Open a Watch Case

Hi everyone,

Today I will be showing 3 best ways I found so far for opening watch cases.

  1. For all screw open watch cases.
Using Rubber Ball

The best tool here is the rubber ball. It is light, easy to grasp and most importantly does not leave marks on the watch case.

When using this ball, you need to make sure that you press the ball firmly against the watch case. Hold the watch in the way that the crown is facing you and the crown sits against the thumb muscle. Use all your fingers to fixate the watch case.

It is very important that the watch case is fixed while you are twisting the ball otherwise it make cause some scratches on the case, depending on its quality.

2. Case Opener for screw open watches

Two Hands Opener Two Hands Opener

Those case openers are the second best option for opening watch cases. The tri-hand ones are great for opening all kind of watch sizes, large or small; the two hand ones are great for small, medium sizes. They are not fitted for large watch sizes.

Tri Hand Opener Tri Hand Opener

The tip for using case opener is make sure you adjust the teeth to the correct sizes of your watch and make sure it does fit in tightly. The result of opposite situation is that you will make a deep scratch on the case around the dents when trying to turn.

3. For all the press-in cases

Using Hammer & Blade 1 hammer-blade-1

I found it is much easier, with minimum damages to the case, when using a blade and hammer to gouge.  I always use some plastic to cover the blade before fitting it onto the case. It helps to reduce the friction. It will be less likely to cause any scratches.

parallel to the glass & watch body parallel to the glass & watch body

It is absolutely essential you put the blade in parallel to the watch glass, as parallel as possible, when gouge the case. The blade is inserted at the 3 o' clock position of the watch, it is a rule for about 99.99% of the watches and you will find many watches have a mark at 3 o'clock to indicate. Hit the blade lightly each time. You try to push the blade into the gap and gouge, you are not wanting any marks on the case.

Ok, thanks for reading my tips and I hope they can help with your watch. Please do not hesitate to leave me comments if you have different opinions or have something want to share with us.



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