How to Spot A Genuine Emporio Armani AR2434 By Checking its Movement

Hi guys,

When purchasing a watch, we wanna make sure we are getting the best price and the genuine product at the same time. Sometimes it is extremely hard to tell coz of all the marketing and advertising from different sellers. The least thing you want to do is to purchase a fake watch with hundreds of dollars

If you are looking for purchasing an Emporio Armani black chronograph watch AR2434 from I want to ensure you that you are purchasing a genuine watch. I am here today to show you the inside movement of this Armani watch with detail pictures just to give you a clear idea what you are getting. So you know exactly what you will get from your purchase and you will not be shocked next time when you open the watch case to replace the battery :)

To start off, I think you need to know that 99.99% of Emporio Armani watches use Japanese movement and they are assembled in China. Pls do not think it as a sign a poor quality. Anyone who owns an Armani timepiece will definitely tell you that EA have great quality watches for a very good price. They are a fashion brand so their watches not only emphaize on its quality but also on its look.
So when you see an Amarni watch with a non Japanese movement inside. You can say with 100% certainly it is a fake watch.

For this demonstration, we use Pin Pen, Two End Hammer, Snap-Off Blades.

The first step is to break the watch band by taking out the first link connecting the watch clasp to the band. You can use the Two End Hammer and Pin Pen. It should look like this when it is done.


Then we need to gouge open the watch case with Two End Hammer, Snap-Off Blades.

Once the case is opened, you will see the movement:
ar2434backcase              ar2434-movement

So now you can see the watch uses Japanese Movement as shown in image.
The model numner is: VD53B2. You can purchase the watch movement from us, Japnese Movement S110 No Jewels VD53B2 as well.
The inprint in the watch movement goes:
"S11O No Jewels Japan VD53B2"
Those words are very important coz it tells you where is made and the model number of the movement. It cannot be faked due to the fact that it is engraved into the movement cases. Movement manufactuerers put those on when the movment is made. It is like the engine number of a car.

So now you know this is a genuine Armani Watch with Japanese Movement.
Next thing to do is to close the watch case, using the compressing tool and the watch is good to go.

Hope you guys learned more about AR2434 watch today. You can now check this watch yourself to see if you have purchased the genuine one.

Thank you for reading my post. I will see you guys soon.


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